Money does not equal Math

How many of you would say you hate math? Therefore, you are not proficient at math? There

is a technical word for this. It’s called innumeracy. The word really doesn’t matter, it’s our

perception about math that is important.


The perception I want to talk about is that even if we say we hate math, or I’m not good at

math and trust me I’m right in there with you, we can be outstanding with our money. While

money uses numbers to represent itself, it is not about math. You can be a financial wiz using

4th grade level math skills. Seriously, I am talking addition, subtraction, multiplication and

division. AND we have calculators and spreadsheets to actually do the math!

If it’s not about the math – what is it about? The Story. Money is about the story of our

business or personal life. If you knew that your 4th grade self could be a whiz about your

money story would you feel inspired and more powerful? It’s true – the other very cool thing

about your 4th grade self is you had a rich imagination to go along with your killer math skills!

When you combine your brilliant and anything is possible imagination with your stellar math

skills you can create your very best money story.

The Answer is Right in Front of You!

I teach Creativity and Innovation to college students.  Over the years I have learned dozens, if not hundreds, of creative ways of thinking to teach to my students. Many of these tools I use everyday without even thinking about them. They are just a way of life. I have a particularly challenging project to finish for a client over the next few weeks, and for a while yesterday I was irritated and fussing around in a way that was impacting the quality of my day. I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong. Have you ever had one of those days?  The bills are paid, everyone is relatively fine, there is food in the fridge yet you are acting like a crabby pants? Well that was me yesterday and, I had papers to grade. Normally I like to grade papers when I am in a positive space, however it was time to get this done.  I sat down at my computer, put on my mood adjusting music and started reading about what my students hoped to get out of this new class.  As I read the third paper, I realized what one student was asking to learn, was exactly the tool I needed to use to complete the project that had me in a bunch. It was such an, in-my-face reminder that we teach what we need to know. It was also a nice reminder of how much we have that we take soooooooo for granted.  If you have something that is bugging you, stop and take a minute to ask yourself what do I need to know here? The answer will be right in front of you.

When You Know Better You Do Better

Recently I had a conversation with my dad, who is a family doctor.  He started his career being on call 24/7 every other week in a small community in the mountains of  Oregon, and made house calls.  My brother and I often went with him.  It was a great way to participate in the community.

Dad and I were talking about some current medical practices. He was saying that studies are showing that millions of dollars a year are wasted because once people get the medical information they don’t do anything with it, i.e. they don’t change their diets or start to exercise.

I started thinking about the areas of my life where I am guilty of this - eat better, exercise more, save money, get a good night's sleep, and my personal favorite (not), put everything in its place the first time.

While we do conveniently ignore some things, it is ALSO true that when we know better, we do better.  One of the workshops I teach entitled “Secrets of Successful High  Earners” talks about this exact thing.  While there are many excuses, we often use the excuse that we really don’t know how.  In truth, in our society we don’t get solid training around many life skills that we need to use every day.  

The next time you are frustrated by yet another “perceived failure” ask yourself this:
1)    What do I really know about?
2)    Am I experiencing the same frustration on different days, or different frustrations?
3)    What am I doing to increase my skill level in these areas?

In today’s world, we have ready access to excellent information.  There is no reason to lose another night's sleep over lack of skills.  And if you're not one to teach yourself, the world is full of affordable classes and amazing coaches and trainers that can help.

Busted! At Boot Camp.

Last week I was at Shawne Duperone’s Media Boot Camp. It was my 4th time attending. I don’t know what it is about the workshop, but I have a love/hate relationship with it. Ok, so I do know what my love/hate part of it is all about, I just don’t want to acknowledge it.

I am a BIG fan of meditation. I especially resonate with the meditations that Oprah and Deepak Chopra collaborate on. On November 2, a new 30-day mediation series started, the topic is BELIEFS. One of the meditations this week taught me that by acknowledging my fears; which are a result of limiting beliefs, we can move through them and move on with our lives. This is very similar to the fears of monsters who lived under our beds when we were kids. When we sucked it up, turned on the lights and looked – Guess what? No Monsters!

Ok, so back to the boot camp. By the afternoon of day 2, I was actually angry. For those who know me well, it takes a mountain of crap to make me angry. After lunch Shawne always asks for feedback. Everyone it seemed, was kind of sappy about the love they were feeling, and blah, blah, blah. Now, in no way, do I want to diminish anyone else’s experience. This is an excellent workshop and people were feeling really good! I, on the other hand, wasn’t. Rather than pretend that all was well in my world, I stood and blurted out that I was feeling rather the opposite of everyone else. The reason I felt compelled to do this was because I wanted to move through these limiting beliefs that I was experiencing and move on. I had had enough. I intuitively understood that I had to face this, come what may, if I wanted to move forward, even at the risk of alienating every single person in that filled-to-capacity room. The truth is, I have been struggling for YEARS with how to talk about what I do, professionally, in a way that is not drop dead boring. There are a few topics, i.e. anything business related that brings out this intense, serious, almost mean mom look that makes anyone near want to run!!! It was my corporate training. This is serious, we do NOT express emotion. DO NOT ACT LIKE A GIRL!!! Seriously I was told that. I should have pointed out the obvious, but then, I was young and working in a very male dominated industry and I wanted to keep my job, especially as I was a single mother with two small children! The ironic thing is, if I am talking about anything else I care about, Miss Charismatic comes out and everyone wants to hear more….

Shawne was her usual insightful self and said this might have something to do with being out of personal integrity. Ya think? I couldn’t stand the thought of one more day not being able to just talk easily with anyone (media or not) about the work I cared so much about. I sat down and fought back tears on and off for the next few hours , until…. The magic happened.

Our last exercise was to do a story with a partner on the worst thing that could happen to me in my business. That was easy. The worst thing for me, would be to have a client experience any kind of financial hardship or ruin based upon any of my guidance. As a CFO, and money therapist, it is my job to help my clients both personally and professionally move forward with their finances, generate positive cashflow and ultimately, wealth and prosperity. We did variations of this interview back and forth with our partner. As luck would have it my partner was the head of a large credit union! Thanks Universe!

There is a process that we go through that forces us to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. I had to look up and stare into this guys eyes, who has tons of expertise in my field. During this process, I felt this HUGE shift inside. The concern I have for my clients well-being, went from my head to my heart and I realized that when I am talking on or off camera about the things my clients can do to create wealth and abundance is about them, NOT me. It’s all about supporting THEM! This changed everything! “Mean Mom” went away and was replaced by “Compassionate Carrie”. I finally understood that when I talking about this topic I can talk from my heart with high integrity and still be professional in an authentic way. That belief is now busted! This has held me back me for years! It is fascinating how being open to change and willing to move forward no matter what the price allows the Universe to work it’s magic ;)

All good!

Clear. Bold. Service.

I have found that I have a theme for the year. It keeps me energized, and because it is a theme vs a resolution, I will stick with it all year.   Last year it was “Oh, the places we’ll go”, inspired by Dr. Seuss.  I traveled to more places last year than I have ever gone, including three weeks in South America.  While there I had the ability to meditate on what the theme for 2014 should be.  The answer was “Clear. Bold. Service.”  I translated this to, I am Clear, I am Bold, I am of Service.


Already in one month the change in my life has been fascinating.  People and support for my projects are showing up In ways I would never have expected.  By making a declaration to the Universe that I AM Clear I have set an intention.  An intention has the ability to transform.  The second thing to do is to give the Intention ATTENTION.  Attention gives the idea energy and focus.  The third thing to do is to create a Vision. A vision provides the details that allows me to be clear enough to bring the desire to life.