What odyssey are you on?

A few days ago in my meditations I heard the word odyssey used in context as a life-long journey filled with new ideas and growth at every turn.  I loved this.  I was feeling a bit anxious at the time and the idea immediately settled my snake brain down.  If you that don’t know what your snake brain is, think "fight or flight".  It is the part of the brain that reacts rather than thinks.  Its job is safety first, and it can create high anxiety.  

I started thinking about how much more interesting the day is when on a life-long odyssey vs just another day in my life.  Everything that happens becomes part of the bigger, richer adventure of our life story.  Every person we meet, everything we read, every place we go, is all part of the journey.  This makes each challenge, experience, conversation, bite eaten, or emotion felt part of our odyssey. Where we go becomes our choice.  Is our journey going in circles like those poor hard-working mice on the treadmill, or are we crossing new vistas, climbing to new heights, busting through new fears to have new experiences?  I’ll save you a seat on the new frontier.