The Real Cost of Your Fear of Fear

Recently I read a blog post by Seth Godin about avoiding fear. It hit me smack in the face. Probably because I was in Washington D C getting ready to do some advocacy on Capitol Hill.  We had been trained, and my job now was to review my notes and practice my talking points in front of the mirror. Instant Fear. How can I distract myself?

When I was in school, I always knew when it was finals week. That was the week my oven really needed to be cleaned.  Mind you it was not an issue any other week during the term. This had nothing to do with the oven.  It had everything to do with avoiding the fear that I might feel; fear because there was a test coming up.

This is something we do a thousand times a day in tiny ways. We don’t speak up in a meeting, open the envelope with our Visa bill, project our next month cash flow, ask for clarification, have a conversation with someone that needs to be had, get on the scales.  We are scared of being scared!  So we give up, pass up, avoid, gloss over all those little opportunities that would move us forward in life-changing ways just to avoid the emotion of fear.

Now that I see it for the opportunity-robbing energy suck that it is, I have made it a daily challenge to push through at least one thing every day that scares me. 

The real cost of your fear of fear.What about you?