My Resistance Is In

15 steps to know if you are in resistance:

1)    You’re too busy
2)   You procrastinate
3)    You’re scared into inaction
4)    You defer decisions
5)    You lose interest
6)    You’re forgetful
7)    You’re disorganized
8)   You fog up, space out
9)    You feel paralyzed
10) You find reasons not to act
11)  Your impatient
12) You're too old/too young
13) You're too tired
14)  Other people say you can’t do that
15)  The economy is bad.

When you want to go from point A to point B, whether you're trying a new marketing campaign, losing 10 pounds, eating more veggies, or creating an intention map (a budget), resistance is sure to set in.  It is having the human experience.  We crave comfort and the familiar. And here is the real dirty little secret -- the closer you get to meeting your goal, the louder resistance will become.

No worries – just recognize it for what it is.  The best way to bust through resistance is to break the next task down into the one thing that you can do that will move you toward point B and, like Nike says, “Just do it”.