What does a snake have to do with my finances?

Are you doing everything you know to live the life of abundance you desire, but it’s not happening? Have you ever watched in disbelief and frustration as you act in a way that takes you further away from the Financially Abundant  life you desire?  Do you have a great life, but it seems like something is missing?

You came into this world with an abundant money story.  Somewhere along the way before you even knew what was happening you picked up beliefs and ideas that got stuck in your subconscious that are now keeping you running around and around in that preverbal rat race.  Add to that the fact that you probably received more education about how to ride a bike than how to manage money!  So your inner self (belief systems) is a mess and your outer self  (financial skills) are a mess.  Talk about a train wreck waiting to happen!  Then you wonder why your money experience is not what you dreamed of when you were little.  Did you know there are more than 13 ways to “make” money?  Did you also know there are more than 26 “ways” to spend money?  Did you also know there are more than 13 tools to help you manage all that abundance?  How many do you know?  Just learning about a few of them can make/save you thousands of dollars a year!

We found so many of our clients were struggling with money and went looking for a body of work that was deeper than how to create a budget.  There are hundreds of articles and books around how to (skills) when it comes to our finances, but very little is available to help us work though why we do what we do.  For example, why do we spend money we don’t have on stuff we don’t really want?

The truth is threefold:

1.  We are  hard wired to react versus think when it comes to our money. It’s Neuroscience! The technical term for this is our “lizard brain”.   (That’s where the snake part comes in!)

2.  We behave in ways that support our money beliefs.  For example if your mother told you “we can’t afford that”,  when you were small, you may still have that limiting belief, and it can hold you back from earning the money you are capable of earning.  All of this is in our subconscious, which controls over 95% of our behaviors!

3.   You may not be Financially Literate, which is just a skill like learning to swim.  Once you learn the language and the how to, it’s easy.  This is the equivalent of living all your life in Germany and not speaking German!  How easy do you think it would be to live and work there?  You’d always be struggling just for the basics.

Living the money experience you want is just a matter of learning the money language.

Empower You! and Empower Radio

Have you ever had times of your life that you just seemed to be on hold?  Well I’ve been there the past few months.  Maybe it was a busy summer or maybe it was being exhausted after training for a triathlon and fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. (It was all good.)  I found any new project that required me to learn something new that involved an electronic device to be daunting!  Fortunately, It is now September and with the crispiness in the air and that habit of going “back to school’, I am excited to start learning again.

Thank Heavens for Inspiring people!  Teri Williams, Chief Visionary Officer and Bliss Ambassador, Author, Writer and Radio Host led me through an interview this week around my workshop “The Secrets of Successful High Earners”.  If you are ready to grow your finances you will want to listen to this interview.  If you're serious about creating a new money experience for yourself, you will want to attend this 3 hour workshop.  We have new workshops starting this fall.

As Albert Einstein said, ”Our problems can’t be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them".  This powerful, eye-opening, and inspiring workshop is guaranteed to change your level of thinking.  Plus, it’s fun, you get presents, and you get to eat chocolate with other cool people!

Listen to my interview with Teri Williams on Empoweradio.com

The Money Game

You have just been given over 66 million dollars – but here’s the catch….  you have to spend it ALL over the course of one year … virtually. On the first day deposit $1000 into your virtual account.  Grab an old check book register or a notebook and log in your $1000.  On day 2 you get $ 2,000 so now you have $3,000 to spend.  On day 3 you get $3.000.  If you haven’t spent anything yet you now have $6,000 in your virtual bank account. On day 365 you put $365,000 into your account.  If you play the game for a year, you will spend over 66 million dollars!    It’s called the Prosperity Game and it’s taken from Ask and It is Given, by Esther and Jerry Hicks. To live a bigger and more prosperous life we have to think BIGGER and grow our ability to imagine, which raises our ability to attract what we want into our lives.

Think about having your own plane 24/7.  Where would you go?  Who would you take with you? Maybe you’d like to build your perfect house.  Where would it be?  What would it look like? How do you feel when you think about how you are spending your money?  It’s that prosperous feeling that will have you reaching for new ideas, and new thoughts about what’s possible. Before long you will find yourself looking at life from the perspective of unlimited potential because you always have the money sitting in your virtual bank account to pay for what you want.

So get out those beautiful magazines, trip catalogues and requests for causes you love to support and spend away.  There are no rules except to think BIG and have fun!  Let me know how you are spending your money!   My next post will be about my newest purchase.  Stay tuned!

P.S.  If you are a person who likes a little more structure to your games go to choosingprosperity.com.