The Dog Bone Project

Making Dog BiscuitsLeadership group helps LESA kids sell dog biscuits (from

Recently, I was proud and thrilled to assist the Livingston Education Service Agency in developing a marketing plan for selling Lacey's Love Dog Biscuits.  The kids have been making the biscuits for six years, but found themselves able to make more than they were able to sell.

"Who would have guessed that something as simple as a dog biscuit could bring so many people together?"

Shawne Duperon

One of my favorite people is Shawne Duperon.  What is it about Shawne that makes her so special, beside the fact she is a 6-time Emmy Award winner, a fantastic mShawneDuperon1Media trainer and just a kick-ass person?

She created a non-profit foundation that is focused on forgiveness.  Think about it.  What kind of world would we live in if people knew how to really practice forgiveness? Shawne has been traveling the world pulling together stories and world leaders who know a thing or two about what it means to forgive and how empowering it is when incorporated as a way of life. Oh, and did I mention that Shawne is also completing her PhD in Gossip?

Shawne used “Good Gossip” to powerfully market Project Forgive.  Her five-minute video went viral, has been seen by tens of thousands across the globe and is now officially endorsed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and country icon Naomi Judd. I have  to celebrate anyone who is that committed to making the world a better place. 

Thanks, Shawne!

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