"Secrets of Successful High Earners"

How many times have you told yourself “It’s time to make more money”, only to find you are at the same level of income?   Or maybe you’ve said to yourself , “If I work harder I will have more money”, and you find you have the same OR even MORE bills?

In this powerful, eye-opening, inspiring No Blame, No Shame workshop you will:

• Discover the five simple steps to increasing your income.
• Think even bigger about what’s possible for your life.
• Understand the signs of underearning.
• Uncover the Big Lie you’ve been telling yourself.
• Understand the signs of resistance and how to deal with them.
• Tailor a specific action plan to your individual situation.

You will receive the tools to resolve your personal financial situation and plenty of chocolate!  (I’ll even bribe you if necessary to help you be successful.)

No workshops are currently scheduled.

Please contact me for information about venues, and to register: