Services for Startup Business

Startups are great fun as this is where it all begins. They also require a serious amount of thought and research to be sure the world is looking for what you want to offer.  At My Money Experience, we start with a solid business plan.  The business plan can fall into two categories

1) Needing to find funding

2) Funds Available – need a plan as a road map and to stay focused

Writing a business plan takes an average of 100 hours (for the novice) and a variety of skill sets, as it covers financials, marketing, research, operations, personal, and a variety of other areas like manufacturing, fulfillment and distribution, depending on your business. It’s critical that all of these areas of your business have been well thought out and are aligned. While templates are helpful, neither you or your business is a cookie cutter.

We love to write business plans.  If this is not your idea of a great way to spend the day, call us.  We can help.  We can also introduce you to potential funders if you need help here too.

If You Have A Plan:

If you already have a plan and just want a second pair of trained eyes to review it, (especially important if you are looking for funding) we are happy to help with this as well.  Just give us a call at 440-289-8321.