I learned what issues were holding me back. What an Ah-Ha experience!
— ~ Bev, Brighton, MI

Happy Clients


This workshop helped me gain insights into other areas of my life. I also realize that I don’t have to work harder to make more money. I have to think differently.

~ Rachel, Ann Arbor MI

Sherri's seminar made me realize that I am always thinking like a physician, when in reality I have two separate and distinct jobs.  I am a physician and I am a business owner.  Sherry's seminar has showed me that I need to run my business with the same care and diligence in which I take care of my patients.  Her seminar is going to help me run a better business so I can ultimately focus more on what I love; taking care of people. Thank you, Sherri!

~ Dr. Nicole Bittner

Brighton, MI

I can easily recommend Sherri!  When we were back at Sterling, she developed the best marketing programs.  Her programs were thoughtful, and considered the corporate, retailer, and end user’s benefit.  She even followed up with the retailers for feedback.  Sherri knew her job in marketing better than anyone I’ve ever seen in that role.  Simply put, she was the best.

~ John Rossidivito

After going through Sherri’s workshop I realized how much my family, especially my father affected my attitudes about money.

~ Janet, Brighton MI


Sherri is an experienced business professional with an amazing spirit and a desire to help others excel. She brings her intuitive and practical skills to the table wherever she works. And she is always fun.

~ Rose Fantelli

I attended a class that Sherri led about attitudes toward money. I was impressed with her ease with a subject that many people have trouble dealing with openly. She told good stories and her pleasant personality enabled great discussion among the participants. I learned some things and uncovered some limiting beliefs that I hope to address. It was a good experience and well worth the money.

~ Todd List

This work changed my relationship with my mother. We now have very positive talks about money. I realized the importance of knowing the details of my financial situation and the importance of being proactive with my financial future. I now manage my credit score, my retirement fund and all my finances in a way that supports the life I choose to live vs what I can 'afford'.

~ Kylee, Cleveland

I’m not afraid of facing my finances anymore.  I used to think a solid financial foundation was for everyone else, not me.  This workshop helped me see where I was my own worst enemy. 

~ Lynn, Brighton MI